diff dev/online via http

- online version (http://mini.gt.owl.de/~dnaber/httpmanage/index.html): 5249 bytes
+ dev version (http://localhost/testsite/httpmanage_html/index.html): 5936 bytes

Differences between files:

--- /tmp/httpmanage_onlinefile37ee16bd6b0bd	Sun Sep 26 14:51:09 1999
+++ /tmp/httpmanage_localfile37ee16bd6b0bd	Sun Sep 26 14:51:09 1999
@@ -34,7 +34,26 @@
 sounds) are not yet supported. The upload function is not yet
 password protected.</p>
-<p>This software is provided under the GPL, see file <a href="http://mini.gt.owl.de/~dnaber/httpmanage/COPYING">COPYING</a>.</p>
+<p>This software is provided under the GPL, see file
+<a href="http://mini.gt.owl.de/~dnaber/httpmanage/COPYING">COPYING</a>. For
+TODO and Changelog, see the script itself (admin.php3).</p>
+<p>Every file that include()'s admin.php3 will show these links (* = requires MySQL). Click the links
+to see what's happening (these are static html pages for demonstration only, so some command are not linked):</p>
+<!-- demo -->
+State: online<br>
+<b><a href="demo/changelog.html">change state*</a></b> --
+<b>put online</b> --
+get online version --
+preview dev --
+view online --
+<a href="demo/diff.html">diff dev/online</a> --
+<a href="demo/checksyntax.html">check syntax</a>
+ -- <a href="demo/viewchanges.html">view changes*</a>
+<!-- end_of_demo -->
@@ -51,7 +70,7 @@
  cp to put files online, wwwrun must have write access to the
  files on the online server. wwwrun's homedir may default
  to /tmp. It's probably no good idea to save a ssh key in
- /tmp/.ssh/.
+ /tmp/.ssh/.<br>
  These are basic problems, please tell me if you know how to
  solve them correctly.
@@ -62,7 +81,7 @@
 	<li>Apache (tested with 1.3.6)</li>
 	<li>PHP3 (tested with 3.0.11)</li>
-	<li>MySQL (tested with 3.22.25)</li>
+	<li>optional: MySQL (tested with 3.22.25)</li>